Alcohol Permit  $175.00 w/TABC Application 
Hard Liquor  $125.00 w/TABC Application 
Commercial Building Permit New Build Application Applied 
Business (vendor non-food)  $60.00 
Business (vendor food w/ current handler license) $100.00 
Billboard sign permit (new)  $3000.00 
Must be renewed every 2 years  $500.00 
Miscellaneous permits:   
Miscellaneous permit- 1 day event  $50.00 
Circus, carnival, skating rinks, etc. $50.00 
 Mobile Home/RV Park license (new open/initial cost) $1000.00 plus 
  $100.00 per space
 Mobile Home/RV Park license renewed yearly $300.00 plus
  $30.00 per space 

(all circuses, carnivals, skating rinks and any other events must provide current liability insurance at time of permit request)

coin operated machines- (gaming machines, etc. must be council approved before permit will issued)